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A Ceasefire in Gaza During Ramadan: The United Nations Takes a Stand, While Israel Looks On

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Joe Biden faces criticism from all sides over UN ceasefire resolution in Gaza

The United Nations Security Council has recently passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza during Ramadan and the unconditional release of all abductees. The vote saw fourteen countries in favor, with the United States abstaining and refraining from using its veto power. The Security Council emphasized the need to increase aid to Gaza and demanded the removal of any obstacles hindering its transfer.

Prior to the Security Council vote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had threatened to cancel his delegation’s trip to Washington if the US did not veto a resolution for a ceasefire that did not include the release of hostages. However, Netanyahu did not inform President Biden of the cancellation. The Prime Minister expressed his disappointment in the US for not vetoing the resolution, stating that it was a departure from their previous consistent position.

In response, White House spokesman John Kirby clarified that the US decision not to veto the resolution did not signify a change in policy. Kirby affirmed that the US believes a ceasefire and the release of hostages should go hand in hand. Defense Minister Gallant was scheduled to meet with National Security Adviser Sullivan at the White House to discuss plans for Operation Rafah and focus on advancing the hostage agreement and providing aid to Gaza.

By Samantha Jones

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