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A Century of Mouthwatering Burgers and Charm: A Look at Margie’s Bar & Grill in Downtown Bryan, Texas

BySamantha Jones

May 24, 2024
Local Bryan business celebrates National Burger Month with 100 years of tradition

For a century, Margie’s Bar & Grill in downtown Bryan, Texas has been serving up mouthwatering burgers that have kept them in business since 1924. Originally opening with just one grill and a few menu items, the restaurant has since expanded to offer a wide variety of options for its customers.

Despite the additions to the menu over the years, Margie’s still maintains its old-school charm that customers love. According to employee Justin Wager, the restaurant has a “dive bar feel” with a hometown atmosphere and plenty of love. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a welcoming environment.

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Margie’s Bar and Grill is planning to collaborate with Destination Bryan. This milestone is a testament to their dedication to serving the community for a century. If you want to try one of Margie’s famous burgers, visit them at 320 North Main St in Bryan. Stop by today to enjoy great food and a friendly atmosphere at this iconic establishment in downtown Bryan.

By Samantha Jones

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