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A New Chapter in the History of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: Rebranding and Renewal with a Generous Gift from Kenneth C. Griffin

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Kenneth C. Griffin’s Multi-Million Dollar Donation Results in Renaming of Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is undergoing a rebranding, including a new logo and name, in honor of a significant donation to the institution. This change comes five years after a $125 million donation and is expected to bring fresh exhibits and a new look to the museum.

Originally built as the Palace of Fine Arts for the Columbia World’s Exposition of 1893, the museum has a rich history. Julius Rosenwald invested millions to preserve the building, which has since transformed into a welcoming and inviting space. Starting Sunday, it will be known as the Kenneth C. Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, named after the founder of Citadel hedge fund and one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

While some believe that Griffin’s donation does not align with the original mission of Julius Rosenwald, others see it as essential for securing its future and enabling the creation of new exhibits like the renovated Henry Crown Space Center and a home for SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft. To mark this momentous occasion, visitors can enjoy free admission on Sunday. This rebranding represents a new chapter in the museum’s history, highlighting its continued growth and evolution as an iconic institution.

By Samantha Jones

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