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A Remarkable Turn of Events: Faye’s Polygamous Display in Senegal’s Presidential Election

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Unconventional Precedent: Two First Ladies of Senegal at the Presidential Palace

In a remarkable turn of events in Senegal’s political scene, Basserou Diomaye Faye made a bold move during the country’s presidential election campaign. Minutes before the end of the campaign, he held hands with his two wives, Marie and Absa, on stage in front of thousands of cheering supporters. Faye, who self-proclaimed himself as “candidate for estrangement and African unity,” publicly announced his polygamy – a traditional and religious practice deeply ingrained in Senegalese culture. After receiving widespread applause from his backers, he went on to win the election in the first round with an impressive 54.28% of the votes.

Mary Khun, Faye’s first wife whom he married fifteen years ago and with whom he has four children, hails from his village. He married his second wife, Absa, about a year ago. Polygamy has always been a contentious issue in Senegal, a predominantly Muslim country where it is widely accepted by many men but criticized by many women. Faye’s public display of polygamy with his two wives reignited discussions around this topic in the media, on social media platforms and among families, eliciting mixed reactions.

While some men view polygamy as a way to expand their families and maintain their cultural traditions, women often argue that it discriminates against them and should be abolished. A report by the United Nations Human Rights Committee in 2022 highlighted that polygamy violates women’s rights and should be eradicated entirely. In her novel “A Very Long Letter,” Senegalese writer Mariama Ba fiercely criticized polygamy and its devastating effects on women trapped in such marriages.

Faye has acknowledged the controversy surrounding his polygamy and thanked both his wives for their unwavering support throughout his campaign journey. He emphasized that he saw no harm in having multiple wives and viewed it as a beautiful family arrangement that brought him closer to God and allowed him to fulfill his duties as a husband and father effectively. Despite winning the presidency with multiple wives at his side, questions have arisen about how these relationships will be managed within the presidential palace walls. The ongoing debate over polygamy underscores the complexities and contradictions within Senegal’s cultural norms.

The election of Faye as president marks another chapter in Senegal’s ongoing struggle to reconcile its deep-rooted traditions with modern values while also grappling with issues such as gender equality and human rights violations within its society.

In conclusion, Faye’s decision to publicly display his polygamous relationship sparked intense debates both within Senegal’s political landscape

By Samantha Jones

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