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Abbas Seeks Hamas’ Support for Technocrat-Led Government in Palestine with Qatari Mediation


Feb 12, 2024
Abbas travels to Doha to negotiate a technocratic government in the PA with Hamas leaders

On the evening of February 11, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), head of the Palestinian Authority, arrived in Doha with the hope of meeting with members of Hamas Politburo. The Qatari government is currently serving as a mediator in negotiations between Hamas and Israel, and Abbas is seeking their assistance in organizing a meeting with Hamas political leaders.

Abbas’ ultimate goal is to establish a government of technocrats within the Palestinian Authority, which will be responsible for overseeing the restoration of Gaza Strip. This body will be under international control, which will allow funds to be transferred for the reconstruction of the region.

Upon his arrival in Doha, Abbas immediately met with representatives from the Qatari government to discuss potential arrangements for the meeting. The Qatari government agreed to facilitate the talks and provide support in any way necessary.

The following day, Abbas was able to meet with members of Hamas Politburo and discuss his proposal for a government of technocrats within the Palestinian Authority. While there were some initial reservations about international control over such a body, ultimately Hamas agreed to work towards establishing this new form of governance.

With this agreement in place, Abbas and Hamas leaders were able to begin working on specific details regarding how this new government would operate and what steps would need to be taken to ensure its success. The hope is that by bringing together experts from both sides and placing them under international oversight, this new government can help bring stability and progress back to Palestine.

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