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Academic Malpractice in Pandemics: Investigating the Intersection of Scientific Journals, Government and Peer Review Amid COVID-19 Concerns

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Chair of COVID subcommittee requests testimony from leading science journal editors on their connection with the federal government

In an effort to shed light on the interactions between scientific journals, the government, and peer review during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) has requested testimony from the editors of three major science journals. He sent letters to the editors-in-chief of The Lancet, Science, and Nature requesting that they testify at a hearing scheduled for April 16. The hearing will focus on the topic of “Academic Malpractice: Examining the Relationship Between Scientific Journals, the Government, and Peer Review.”

In his letters, Wenstrup expressed concern over the possibility of these journals granting inappropriate access to the federal government into their scientific review or publishing process. He referenced Freedom of Information Act requests that showed these journals had been in contact with top White House health officials like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins. However, Wenstrup did not provide any specific reports or studies in his letters to support this claim.

A search for research articles related to COVID-19 on the websites of the three science journals yielded nearly 19,000 results. The Hill reached out to The Lancet, Science, and Nature for comment on this matter.

This is not the first time that Wenstrup has taken a stand against scientific misconduct during a pandemic. In March 2020, he raised concerns about possible conflicts of interest among experts involved in testing and developing treatments for COVID-19. He demanded more transparency from these experts and called for greater scrutiny of their research methods and findings. This investigation aims to shed light on potential conflicts of interest and other issues related to academic malpractice during this pandemic.

By Samantha Jones

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