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Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Sells Off Twelve Million Shares to Fund Space Company, While Online Shoppers Seek Out Live Dealer Games and the Best Computers for Music Production


Feb 12, 2024
$2 Billion Worth of Shares Sold

Jeff Bezos, the founder and largest individual shareholder of Amazon, recently sold off around twelve million shares in the online retail and cloud service provider for two billion dollars (1.86 billion euros). This sale of shares took place on Wednesday and Thursday. It is believed that Bezos wants to continue financing his space company Blue Origin in order to stay ahead of rival Elon Musk in the space race.

Amazon’s stock rose by more than 70 percent in the previous year, and with a market capitalization of 1.812 trillion dollars, it is currently the fourth most valuable company in the USA, behind Microsoft, Apple, and Google mother Alphabet. Despite this success, there are discussions about why Bezos needs billions to keep growing his businesses.

In other news, there are also discussions about the benefits of Shopify hosting for eCommerce businesses. The phenomenon of live dealer games in the world of online gambling is also gaining popularity among players looking for a more immersive experience. And when it comes to firearms accessories, there are plenty of options available online from different sellers.

For those looking to transfer their website to a new host, there are tips available on how to do so smoothly with Squarespace hosting. Additionally, there are discussions about music production and the best computers for it among other topics.

Overall, it seems that there is no shortage of interesting topics for journalists to cover these days!

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