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Apple vs. Rivos: The Legal Battle Over Trade Secrets Theft in the Tech Industry


Feb 11, 2024
Apple to reach settlement in trade secrets lawsuit with chip startup Rivos | Tech News

In 2022, Apple and tech startup Rivos were embroiled in a legal battle over trade secrets theft related to computer-chip technology. The lawsuit alleged that Rivos had hired away Apple’s engineers and used confidential information to develop competing SoC technology.

SoCs are integrated circuits with multiple computer components in a single chip, and Apple claimed to have invested billions of dollars and over a decade of research into its SoC designs, which revolutionized the personal and mobile computing worlds.

Rivos denied the allegations and countered with claims of unfair competition against Apple. The two companies reached an agreement to potentially settle the case, allowing Apple to examine Rivos’ systems and recover any confidential information. However, representatives for both companies did not immediately comment on the settlement.

The lawsuit highlights the intense competition and disputes in the fast-paced world of technological innovation. It also serves as a reminder that trade secrets theft can have significant consequences for businesses that invest heavily in research and development.

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