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Asteroid Impact: DART Mission a Step Towards Planetary Defense, but Risks and Implications Still Loom Large

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
NASA’s Rocket Successfully Collides with Asteroid, Potential Debris Threatens Mars

In the future, if no steps are taken to stop it, an asteroid not much bigger than a football stadium could crash into the planet. If it were to hit a city, the effects would be catastrophic and similar to a non-radioactive nuclear bomb. Currently, there are about 25,000 asteroids measuring roughly 460-feet long in near-Earth space, with around 15,000 of them yet to be discovered.

One way to prevent these asteroids from striking Earth is by intentionally altering their trajectory through a process known as planetary defense experiments. In September 2022, NASA’s DART mission successfully changed the orbit of a 525-foot-long harmless near-Earth asteroid called Dimorphos by crashing a spacecraft into it at a speed of 14,000 miles per hour. The experiment was deemed a success and marked the first planetary defense experiment conducted by humanity.

However, the DART mission resulted in some unexpected consequences. A study suggests that the boulders produced as a result of the impact will not pose a threat to Earth but could potentially lead to some of them crossing Mars’ orbit over the next 20,000 years. This could cause some of them to penetrate Mars’ atmosphere and create crater-like scars on its surface. These findings highlight the importance of continued research and monitoring in understanding the full implications of redirecting asteroids in near-Earth space.

In conclusion, while planetary defense experiments like DART show promise in preventing asteroid collisions with Earth, they also raise concerns about long-term impacts on other planets such as Mars. It is crucial for scientists and policymakers to continue studying and monitoring these phenomena carefully before implementing any large-scale interventions that could have far-reaching consequences for our solar system.

By Samantha Jones

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