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AstraZeneca Launches New Health-Tech Business: Evinova


Nov 20, 2023

Evinova, a new health-tech business launched by AstraZeneca, is set to revolutionize clinical trial design and study delivery. The Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant aims to provide solutions at scale to trial sponsors, clinical research organizations, care teams, and patients through the use of improved data collection and machine learning algorithms.

The goal of Evinova is to reduce the time and cost of developing new medicines while bringing care closer to home for patients and lessening the burden on health systems. The company has announced major collaborations with Parexel and Fortrea to expand the reach of its digital-health solutions to a wider customer base.

AstraZeneca’s Chief Executive, Pascal Soriot, expressed confidence in Evinova’s ability to make a significant impact on patient care, healthcare transformation, and carbon emissions reduction. The company also highlighted the expected growth of the digital-health market, projecting it to be worth more than $900 billion by 2032.

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