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Baltimore’s Tragic Bridge Collapse: Six Workers Killed in Catastrophic Accident

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Construction Company Claims Only One Worker Survived Bridge Collapse

In a tragic turn of events, six construction workers lost their lives in the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore while one miraculously survived. The group, employed by Brawner Builders, fell into the Patapsco River after a cargo ship collided with the bridge in Baltimore’s port.

On Tuesday evening, search and rescue efforts were halted as officials were unable to locate the missing workers. Two people were rescued from the water, but others remain unaccounted for. The cargo ship, named Dali, crashed into the bridge due to a loss of power while the workers were on their meal break. The crew members on the ship were able to issue a mayday call warning officials about the imminent collision, allowing them to stop traffic on the bridge and prevent further casualties.

However, despite these efforts, engineers have determined that the bridge collapse was not due to any oversights in its construction but rather the sheer force of the cargo ship. Governor Wes Moore of Maryland commended the actions of the Dali crew, stating that their quick thinking likely saved many lives. The impact of the cargo ship made

By Samantha Jones

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