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Berlin’s Police Buildings in Limbo as Renovation Plans Remain Unclear


Nov 20, 2023

The coalition government has pledged to renovate dilapidated police stations and properties as part of their agreement, but there is no funding allocated for this in the draft budget for 2024 and 2025. This goes against the coalition agreement made by the CDU and SPD promising a special investment and renovation program to significantly increase financial resources for repair, modernization, and expansion of police and fire stations. The allocated budget only includes 10 million euros for necessary renovations at the fire department, where 384 million euros are needed, and nothing for the ailing police guards.

The Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) stated that the police buildings in Berlin need to be renovated in terms of energy efficiency with almost two-thirds of the buildings in questionable condition. The Interior Department is expected to present a report with a list of renovation priorities over the next two years by the end of the first quarter. The cost of renovating the police stations is estimated at 2.1 billion euros, taking into account the requirements for climate-neutral buildings under the red-green-red coalition, there would have been 130 million euros for renovation but with the black and red coalition there is a fear that there will be less.

However, these plans may be on thin legal ice as the fund is financed through loans which is legally uncertain. There is also concern that the fund is not compatible with the debt brake. In addition, Stephan Weh, State head of police union has spoken about considerable risks with this special fund and called for an immediate stop to budget discussions. There has been a suggestion that new drafting may be necessary before allocating funds towards renovation costs in 2024/25. The Senate Finance Administration continues to examine the consequences of Karlsruhe decision on Berlin Climate Fund.

It’s important to note that extensive coordination between state-owned real estate service provider BIM, police forces and internal administration must take place before specific renovation measures can be named before any work can begin on these projects.

In conclusion, while there are plans in place to revamp dilapidated police stations under new leadership arrangements, funding remains uncertain due to budget constraints and legal issues surrounding loan financing.

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