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Beware of False Health Claims: The Truth About Soda and Functional Beverages

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Is Soda Possibly Healthy?

Can soda ever be good for you? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they see claims on cans and bottles at the grocery store or gas station that suggest the soft drink has wellness benefits like easing stress, boosting immunity, and increasing energy. However, these claims are not always true.

Functional beverages, as they’re called in the drink industry, often contain ingredients that were once only found in supplements or herbal teas. Probiotics and prebiotics are now added to many cold drinks, such as Culture Pop Probiotic Soda, Wild Berries & Lime. However, Consumer Reports’ Amy Keating warns that drinks with probiotics may not offer the same benefits as foods like yogurt and kimchi, which have a wider variety of bacteria and other healthy compounds.

Healthy-sounding green juices can be a convenient way to get vitamins and minerals in your diet, but they shouldn’t replace vegetables entirely. Consumer Reports recommends choosing green juices with vegetables as the main ingredient to get the most nutritional benefit. Drinks marketed as stress-relievers could be a tasty non-alcoholic alternative to wine or cocktails but their calming effects are not guaranteed to be significant.

When it comes to energy drinks, newer options like Aspire, Celsius, and Clean contain “natural” sources of caffeine with no chemical differences. However, regardless of the type of drink, it’s important to check for added sugars, sodium

By Samantha Jones

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