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Bournville’s Legacy: How Cadbury Preserves its Heritage while Adapting to Change

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
The Bournville plant continues to be the cornerstone of Cadbury’s business – owner

As part of its 200th anniversary celebrations, Mondeléz International, the chocolate giant’s parent company, has confirmed that Bournville will remain the “home and heart” of the business for years to come.

Despite a hostile takeover by American firm Kraft in 2010, Cadbury pledged to maintain production at Bournville. After becoming part of Mondelez International in 2012, Bournville became the firm’s Global Centre of Excellence for chocolate research and development.

Managing director Louise Stigant expressed her privilege of being part of a company with such rich heritage. She emphasized that celebrating 200 years is a significant milestone for the brand, something that few businesses can claim. Despite challenges and changes over the years, the Bournville factory continues to hold a key position in the company’s operations and future plans.

In fact, Ms. Stigant highlighted that despite some job losses and production moving to Poland, Cadbury has invested £270m in the UK business since taking it over 14 years ago. Bournville is seen as “Crown Jewels” within the company due to its importance and central location within Cadbury’s operations. The objective is for Bournville to remain at the forefront of their plans and continue to be a vital piece of their global operations.

Ms. Stigant also emphasized that Bournville’s role as a hub for innovation and research makes it an essential asset for Mondelez International. With this in mind, she reiterated that Cadbury is committed to maintaining production at Bournville while investing in its future growth.

In conclusion, while there have been challenges and changes over the years, Cadbury remains committed to preserving its rich heritage at Bournville. This commitment is reflected in their ongoing investment in the factory and their efforts to maintain it as a vital piece of their global operations while continuing to innovate through research and development.

Overall, this news highlights how important it is for companies like Cadbury to maintain their roots while still adapting to changing market conditions. By doing so they can continue to thrive while preserving their rich history for generations

By Samantha Jones

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