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Breaking Barriers: Senior Citizens Embrace Tech with Ease at Broken Arrow’s ‘Step into Technology’

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Broken Arrow seniors embrace technology in community class

Recently, the Broken Arrow Senior Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted a “step into technology” event for seniors to learn about using their smartphones. The event was well-attended and provided seniors with an opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with volunteers from Leadership Broken Arrow to address any questions they had.

During the event, participants received selfie tips and instructions on clearing storage on their devices. Loreita Belding found the session to be educational and enjoyable, while Joan Lock appreciated learning more about the camera and storage on her iPhone, as well as understanding where her emails were stored.

Volunteers taught participants how to take better photos, manage contacts, swipe, tap the screen, and make calls on their devices. Ami Bucher, the organizer and manager of the senior center, highlighted the importance of patience in teaching seniors about technology, as it can be frustrating without proper guidance.

The success of the event has led to plans for future technology learning events based on feedback from attendees. Seniors like Belding expressed excitement about using their newfound knowledge and planned to call their friends to share their improved phone skills. Overall, the event was a resounding success and proved that even seniors can benefit from learning more about technology.

By Samantha Jones

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