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Breaking Down the Challenges to Healthy Nutrition in Senior Citizens


Nov 20, 2023

Older adults need good nutrition to maintain their strength and reduce the risk of disease. However, as they age, eating healthily can become more challenging due to health issues and reduced activity levels. Many older adults face barriers such as decreased appetite, difficulty planning and preparing meals, and limited access to healthy food options.

These challenges can be overcome by seeking local resources and support. Parkview Health offers a database that connects older adults with assistance for food, housing, health services, transportation, and legal support. Additionally, the Parkview Residency Center provides a resident physician as part of an individualized care plan overseen by highly qualified physicians and with access to the latest health information and treatments.

For more information on how Parkview Health can help older adults maintain good nutrition, visit parkview.com/ResidencyFAQs. Remember that this information should not replace medical advice from a doctor and is copyright material adapted with permission from Healthwise Incorporated.

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