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Breaking Down the Latest NBA News with Vincent Goodwill on The Good Word with Goodwill: From Joel Embiid’s Return to Luka Doncic’s MVP Potential

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Embiid shines against OKC, Curry faces physical challenges, and Luka makes strong MVP case | Good Word with Goodwill

Vincent Goodwill, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter, provides a breakdown of the biggest NBA stories from last night in the latest episode of The Good Word with Goodwill. In this episode, Vincent discusses Joel Embiid’s return to the 76ers and Nikola Jokic’s standout performance against the Spurs. He also talks about the Bucks’ surprising loss to the Wizards.

Producer John takes issue with Doc Rivers’ post-game comments and expresses concern about Steph Curry’s recent struggles. Vincent highlights Luka Doncic’s potential as an MVP contender and touches on Donovan Mitchell’s uncertain future. The podcast also explores the intriguing progress of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Listeners can tune in to hear more insights into the current NBA landscape and upcoming matchups for fans to watch. To listen to the full episode, visit the Yahoo Sports Podcast family on YouTube or Apple Podcasts. Stay informed on the latest NBA news and analysis with Vincent Goodwill on Ball Don’t Lie.

By Samantha Jones

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