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Breaking Records and Managing Invasive Species: The Unbelievable Catch of a 97-Pound Bighead Carp by George Chance in Missouri

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Angler in Missouri reels in world record bighead carp

On March 19, George Chance of Festus broke a state record after catching a massive 97-pound bighead carp from the Mississippi River while fishing for catfish with a bottom-bouncing crankbait. The previous pole-and-line state record was an 80-pound fish caught from the Lake of the Ozarks in 2004.

Chance initially thought the fish could be a flathead based on how it was fighting. After around 20 minutes of fighting with the fish, he was able to get it onto the shore where he estimated it to be around 50-60 pounds. Chance took the fish to a nearby recycling center to use their scale, which led him to contact his local conservation agent. To his surprise, he was informed that not only was it a state record, but it was also a world record for bighead carp caught with a pole-and-line.

This marks the third state record fish recorded for 2024 in Missouri. Chance plans to enjoy his catch by using it in his garden as fertilizer for tomatoes and cucumbers. The carp was full of eggs and likely would have spawned in the spring, highlighting the need to manage invasive fish species like bighead carp. MDC encourages people to harvest carp to help remove them from Missouri waters.

Missouri has two categories for recognizing state record fish: pole-and-line and alternative methods like trotline, throwline, limb line, and more. To learn more about state record fish and how to apply for recognition, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website.

By Samantha Jones

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