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Breaking the Stigma: UNM Truman Health Services Clinic Opens Doors in Roswell to Combat HIV Rates

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Roswell Welcomes New Truman Health Services Clinic operated by UNM

In recent years, the City of Roswell has seen a significant increase in HIV rates, with Chaves County alone experiencing a 52% spike over the past 16 years. This alarming trend has highlighted the need for greater access to healthcare and prevention resources in the area. To address this issue, UNM’s Truman Health Services Clinic has recently opened its doors in Roswell, providing comprehensive HIV and sexual health care to people across southeastern New Mexico.

Dr. Michelle Iandioro, medical director for UNM Truman Health Services, is acutely aware of the disparities in STI and HIV rates across the state, particularly in areas with limited healthcare resources. The new clinic aims to provide people with easy access to primary care, testing, and prevention services for HIV and sexually transmitted infections. By helping individuals know their status and receive treatment closer to home, the clinic hopes to make a meaningful impact on the health outcomes of those it serves.

Before the opening of the Truman Health Services Clinic in Roswell, there was only a mobile unit that visited once a month to provide HIV treatment. This made it challenging for people living in rural areas to seek help without having to travel long distances. The goal of the new facility is to make healthcare more accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of their location or background. Dr. Gary Mlady, interim CEO & president of the UNM medical group, emphasizes this point when he says that expanding healthcare access is crucial for all New Mexicans

By Samantha Jones

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