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Bringing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Patients: New Health’s Innovative Approach to Addressing Food Insecurity in Boston.

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Health Center in Boston Providing Direct Delivery of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Patients in Need

In a bid to address food insecurity, New Health, a Boston program affiliated with Mass General Hospital and Boston Medical Center, has taken an innovative approach by bringing fruits and vegetables directly to patients in need. Dan Coakley, public affairs coordinator for New Health, shared that the initiative was born out of a growing awareness of the issue within the community.

“This is supposed to be a holistic care approach that really takes the individual and provides them with the care and support that they need,” said Coakley. On a recent day when WBZ-TV cameras visited, New Health’s location in Charlestown was distributing bags of fresh produce to patients who had been notified in advance. The produce included bananas, apples, oranges, avocados, asparagus, onions and potatoes. Each bag went a long way as patients expressed gratitude for this helpful resource.

Once the patients on the list received their food, any leftover produce was placed into the community refrigerator for those in need. “A lot of people in our community do need all of this help,” said patient Carmen Tirado. New Health’s initiative has been praised for its commitment to providing support beyond traditional healthcare services. “The gratitude we get is tremendous and we just want to make sure we keep providing this resource to everyone,” added Coakley.

By Samantha Jones

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