• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Bringing High-Speed Internet to Remote Islands: A Progressing Initiative


Nov 21, 2023

The launch of the “Minor Islands Connection” Plan is set to revolutionize connectivity on smaller islands, providing ultra-fast networks and enabling modern digital services for businesses, citizens and local governments. The event, held on the Teliri cable-laying ship in Palermo, was attended by institutional actors, media and representatives from Elettra Tlc.

The undersecretary of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Innovation, Alessio Butti, emphasized the importance of connecting smaller islands with ultra-fast networks as a crucial step in their economic development. Infratel Italia President Alfredo Maria Becchetti also highlighted the significance of providing adequate connectivity to these islands and bridging the infrastructure gap.

Elettra Tlc, responsible for installing optical connections for the Plan, expressed pride in contributing to the growth of these island economies and improving residents’ daily lives. Financed and promoted by the Department of Digital Transformation with an investment of over 45 million euros from the Pnrr, the Plan will provide adequate connectivity to 21 smaller islands primarily in Sicily.

By laying submarine and terrestrial optical cables, this initiative aims to enable modern digital services such as ultra-broadband services, mobile connectivity services and potentially those based on 5G technology on these 21 islands. Sixty-two percent of these islands are located in Sicily. This project represents a significant step forward towards a more connected world that can benefit from advances in technology and innovation.

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