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British-French Actress Billie Boullet on Nomination and New Sci-Fi Survival Thriller ‘World Breaker’ in Northern Ireland

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Billie Boullet joins Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich for “World Breaker.”

Billie Boullet, a rising star from Britain and France, has recently been nominated for a Critics’ Choice award for her role as Anne Frank in the series A Small Light, which airs on Nat Geo and Disney+. She has now joined Luke Evans and Milla Jovovich in the sci-fi survival thriller World Breaker. The movie is directed by Brad Anderson and is currently filming in Northern Ireland.

The plot of the movie revolves around a tear in reality that brings creatures from another dimension to Earth, with intentions of destroying humanity. A father hides his daughter on an island to protect her and prepares her for the impending battles. However, as the world faces a breaking point, nowhere is truly safe.

In World Breaker, Boullet portrays the daughter, while Evans and Jovovich play the parents. Another talented actress, Mila Harris, is also part of the cast. The screenplay was written by Joshua Rollins and the producer is Martin Brennan from 23ten, with support from Northern Ireland Screen.

The movie’s international sales rights are handled by The Exchange, who introduced the project at this year’s European Film Market in Berlin. Domestic rights are managed by the producers. Boullet, who started her acting career in the CBBC series The Worst Witch, is represented by UTA and Curtis Brown Group.

Boullet’s success continues as she takes on new roles alongside established actors such as Evans and Jovovich in World Breaker. Her nomination for a Critics’ Choice award for her role as Anne Frank highlights her growing talent and recognition within the industry.

World Breaker promises to be an exciting addition to Boullet’s portfolio of work as she continues to push herself into new genres and challenges herself as an actor.

As filming continues in Northern Ireland, audiences eagerly await World Breaker’s release date later this year.

By Samantha Jones

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