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Cameroon’s National Football Team Appoints New Coach without Federation’s Knowledge, Sparking Concerns and Investigation

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Cameroon Football Association Surprised by Sports Ministry’s Choice of New Team Coach

The sports ministry’s decision to appoint Marc Brys as the new coach of Cameroon’s national football team has caught the federation off guard. According to a statement released by the federation, they were not informed of Brys’ appointment and are currently investigating the situation.

FIFA prohibits government involvement in national football, which makes this decision particularly concerning. The federation is seeking clarity on the matter and is working to resolve the issue. They have been in contact with FIFA to address their concerns regarding Brys’ appointment without their knowledge.

The federation expressed disappointment at the lack of consultation in the decision-making process and emphasized the importance of abiding by regulations governing national football teams. Song, whose contract expired after the Africa Cup of Nations, led the team to the round of 16 in the tournament earlier this year.

By Samantha Jones

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