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Carleton Athletics Launches New Online Sideline Store: Fans Can Enjoy 24-Hour Access to Carleton Apparel and More!

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Introducing the New Sideline Store by Carleton Athletics in Partnership with BSN Sports

Carleton Athletics in Northfield, Minn. has partnered with BSN Sports to launch a new online Sideline Store that offers fans 24-hour access to purchase Carleton Athletics apparel. The store features a variety of top brands in athletics, including Nike, Travis Matthew, New Era, and The North Face. Director of Athletics Gerald Young expressed excitement about the partnership with BSN Sports, highlighting the company’s support for student-athletes and the opportunity for alumni and fans to continue their support through the new online store.

While Carleton varsity teams will continue to exclusively wear Under Armour products, the Sideline Store offers a wide selection of items from different brands. Fans can choose from different designs, including both general and sport-specific artwork. To celebrate the grand opening, fans can receive a 20% discount on all purchases using the discount code SPIRIT20 for a limited time.

BSN Sports is a division of Varsity Brands that provides game-changing solutions through local partnerships, multi-brand selection, and one-stop shopping for equipment and uniforms. Since 1972, BSN SPORTS has been helping elevate participation in team sports by providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. Fans can learn more about BSN SPORTS by visiting www.bsnsports.com.

By Samantha Jones

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