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Carol Wieneke’s 60-Year Legacy: A Story of Connection and Caring at Sanford Health


Feb 12, 2024
Nurse at Sanford Hospital Retires After Six Decades of Dedicated Service

Carol Wieneke is a cherished friend to all at Sanford Health, having spent an impressive 60 years as an LPN at Sanford Luverne. Over the course of her six decades at the facility, she has become well-known for her caring nature and ability to connect with patients and staff alike.

Despite the fact that she has now decided to retire, Carol has been reflecting on her time at Sanford Luverne and the many memories she has accumulated. She believes that if you don’t enjoy your work, it will never truly be fulfilling. For Carol, her niche has always been people, and she takes great pride in being known for caring for both patients and staff members.

One of Carol’s colleagues, Cheryl Groen, who has worked with her for 13 years, spoke highly of her character. Groen emphasized how much Carol truly cared about her patients and colleagues, treating each person as if they were part of her family. While it may not be goodbye forever, Groen knows that Carol will always be a dear friend to her and will continue to stop by to volunteer at the hospital and check in with everyone from time to time. It is this reputation for keeping her word that Groen admires most about Carol and what makes her such a special person in their lives.

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