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Celebrity Chef Hails Bravery of World Central Kitchen Workers Killed in Israeli Airstrike, Offers to Volunteer in Gaza

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Chicago chef honors 7 World Central Kitchen workers killed in Gaza as heroes

Seven brave workers from the humanitarian group World Central Kitchen were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Gaza. The tragedy occurred despite the fact that the group had coordinated their movements with the Israeli Defense Forces. Chicago chef Tony Priolo, of Piccolo Sogno, paid tribute to their dedication and sacrifice by expressing his willingness to volunteer in Gaza if given the chance.

Priolo was deeply affected by the news of the workers’ deaths, considering them heroes for their selfless dedication. He had worked with one of them, Zomi Francom from Australia, during the war in Ukraine, where they provided food to a starving group. The logo of World Central Kitchen was visible on the caravan vehicles in a video of the blast.

The founder of World Central Kitchen, celebrity chef José Andrés, referred to the workers who died as his “sisters and brothers” and “angels,” emphasizing their impact on providing aid to those in need. The group operates in conflict zones, famine areas, and regions of unrest around the world. They are committed to cooking and feeding people no matter where they are or what challenges they face.

By Samantha Jones

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