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Chatham Middle School Showcases Diverse STEM Talent at Annual Science & Technology Fair

BySamantha Jones

Mar 28, 2024
Local Announcements: Winners of the CMS 2024 Science and Technology Fair

In the evening, Chatham Middle School opened its doors to the public for its annual Science & Technology Fair. The gymnasium was filled with students from sixth to eighth grade who had worked tirelessly on their projects. Each grade had a winner, showcasing the diverse scientific and technical skills of the students at CMS.

The fair required students to develop a hypothesis or technical problem and then utilize either the Scientific Method or Problem Solving Method to prove or disprove their theory or find a solution to their problem. The judges were faculty members from both the high school and middle school science and technology departments, who evaluated the projects during class hours. Classes also had the opportunity to view the projects that were on display.

Miles Schuster from 6th grade investigated the impact of outside temperature on solar panels, while Jack Galvin from 7th grade explored the energy levels of different fruits and vegetables. Lucy Tassinari and Logan Van Wie from 8th grade tested different heat protectants in their project. These students demonstrated their dedication and passion for STEM subjects through their innovative work.

The event provided an excellent opportunity for parents and community members to see firsthand how hardworking these young scientists are. The winners were announced at the end of the evening, with Jack Galvin, Miles Schuster, Lucy Tassinari, and Logan Van Wie being recognized for their outstanding projects. This event has been instrumental in fostering a love for STEM subjects among Chatham Middle School students.

Overall, Chatham Middle School’s Science & Technology Fair was a resounding success that showcased

By Samantha Jones

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