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Chicken Rice Cake Feast Leaves 100 Workers Hospitalized with Food Poisoning: A Warning of the Importance of Food Safety

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
About 100 employees in Dong Nai visited the emergency room due to suspected food poisoning

On the afternoon of May 15, nearly 100 workers at Dechang Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Giang Dien Industrial Park, Trang Bom district, experienced symptoms such as stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea after consuming a meal of chicken noodles and chicken rice cakes. They were promptly taken to Trang Bom District Medical Center for emergency treatment. The medical center quickly mobilized all available doctors and nurses to provide care to the large number of affected workers. Due to the overwhelming number of patients, beds in the emergency room were shared by 2-3 people, with stretchers and beds lining the aisles to accommodate everyone.

Doctor Nguyen Duc Phuoc, the Director of Trang Bom District Medical Center, reported that the workers had symptoms of food poisoning after consuming dinner at the company. Out of the approximately 500 workers who had dinner together, nearly 100 showed symptoms of food poisoning. Samples were taken for testing to determine the cause of the illness, although results were not immediately available. One worker was in serious condition and required a ventilator, while the rest were in mild condition and received medications before being sent home for monitoring.

The ongoing cases of food poisoning highlight the importance of food safety and the risks associated with consuming contaminated food. It is crucial that steps are taken to ensure that food processing and ingredients meet safety standards to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. In previous incidents, over 500 people in Long Khanh were poisoned after eating contaminated bread, and more than 350 workers in Vinh Phuc experienced food poisoning after lunch. These cases underscored how easy it can be for contaminated foods to enter our daily lives if proper precautions are not taken by manufacturers or consumers alike.

By Samantha Jones

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