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China’s Economic Slowdown: How Chinese President Xi is Reaching Out to American Business Executives for Support

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Xi Jinping, China’s President, Holds Meeting with American Business Executives in Beijing

Amidst increasing bilateral tensions over trade restrictions and accusations of cyberattacks, Chinese President Xi Jinping recently met with a group of American business executives in Beijing. The Chinese leader engaged with representatives from American business, strategic, and academic communities in an attempt to bolster confidence in the face of a slowdown in foreign investment, which hit a 30-year low last year.

As China grapples with political tensions with the US, a property market decline, and deflation, investors are feeling uncertain about the future. They have noted a lack of consistency as China simultaneously pursues development and security, leaving them unsure of the risks and rewards of doing business in the country. The structural economic slowdown has prompted executives to reassess their operations in China.

However, despite these challenges, American CEOs and executives have been invited to meet with President Xi at various events. This shows the importance of maintaining dialogue between the two countries amidst growing tensions. Prior to the pandemic, President Xi frequently interacted with executives at events like the Boao Forum for Asia, often dubbed China’s Davos. Despite not attending this year’s forum which began on Tuesday in Hainan due to COVID-19 concerns , he is still expected to continue engaging with American businesses leaders to address issues that are important to both countries.

By Samantha Jones

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