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Chinese Espionage on the Rise: Inside the Secret Attempts to Target American Military Base at Pearl Harbor


Feb 11, 2024
Chinese Spying on Pearl Harbor from Within US Borders

The American military base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii has been targeted by Chinese espionage in recent years, according to documents obtained by The Heritage Foundation. Since 2018, at least 14 cases involving attempted illegal access or surveillance by Chinese citizens have been recorded at or near the base.

The Navy Consolidated Law Enforcement Operations Center provided the records to The Heritage Foundation after a request under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act. While other American bases did not provide any information, Pearl Harbor was the only one that collaborated and shared their records on attempted infiltrations.

The cases mentioned in the documents include instances of Chinese people attempting to fly drones over the base and taking photos of military installation’s entry points, which raises serious concerns and have been investigated by NCIS as well as the U.S. Navy’s police agency.

Incidents of suspected Chinese espionage in recent years also include two individuals who were detained due to circumstances that were deemed suspicious. Chinese citizens have tried to enter the base and even engaged in car chases around the area.

The US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability launched an investigation into these suspected attempts by Chinese citizens to access U.S. military bases and other sensitive government facilities, calling for additional precautions to protect U.S military bases from espionage by the Chinese Communist Party, including preventing CCP-linked entities from purchasing land near such facilities. They also requested information about China’s actions within the United States that have sought to gain access to military, economic, and technological information from Secretary of Defense and FBI Director.

The committee has taken action to address potential security breaches such as Chinese agents infiltrating U

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