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Coach Acknowledges Uncertainty on Team’s Strength and Urges for Enhancement: Armenian Offer


Nov 22, 2023

Croatia’s national football team is heading to the Euro 2020 tournament after winning their final group stage match against Wales. The team had a tough time getting through the group, but they ultimately emerged victorious.

Zlatko Dalić, the coach of the Croatian national team, was happy at the press conference but also relieved that they had made it to the next stage. He expressed his gratitude to the fans who cheered them on during their journey.

Dalić was asked about his feelings and whether they would be lighting a candle at Stone Gate in Zagreb for their success. He replied that he believed in God’s help for those who are brave and good, and that he was proud of their achievements.

The coach also discussed his players’ performance and expressed his satisfaction with some of their decisions during the match. He praised Budimir and Sosa’s contributions and felt that they were key players in Croatia’s success. Marc Pašalić also received positive feedback from Dalić, but there were still areas where improvements were needed in terms of penetration and quickness.

Dalić acknowledged that Wales had been struggling throughout the qualifying process, but he believed that Croatia had been stronger overall. However, he cautioned against complacency and stressed that they still had a lot of work to do before the tournament begins.

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