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Coma-bound man’s family pleads for help as medical institutions refuse assistance for fig lodged in throat


Nov 20, 2023

Vanja, a 43-year-old man, ended up in the hospital after suffering a health emergency. Just hours after being admitted, medical staff discovered him unconscious on the toilet floor. A fig he was eating had gotten stuck in his throat, causing his brain to run out of oxygen and putting him into a coma. The idyllic life of the Gudac family crumbled in an instant as the news of Vanja’s condition was announced on Nova TV’s supplement.

The first 15 days of Vanja’s coma were incredibly difficult for his family and loved ones. Doctors told them that he would not survive, but after that they asked when they could take him home. Vera Gudac, Vanja’s mother, described the situation as “like a piece of furniture.”

Vanja responds best to music, videos, and audio messages. His biggest reward is a wink and a handshake. Tatjana Popović Naglić, Vanja’s cousin, has given up on traditional medical treatment and believes that messages can stimulate the brain. She encourages everyone who has heard Vanja’s story to send a message or greeting to him.

Dnevnik Nova TV reporter Domagoj Mikić spoke with Marina Raguž, a neurosurgeon at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital, who confirmed that messages can indeed stimulate the brain. Raguž explained that patients should be encouraged to talk to their loved ones, play music, and engage in any other activities that may stimulate their brains. Several cases have been recorded in Croatia where this method has been effective for patients like Vanjinog. However, there are some bizarre cases where deep brain stimulation has been considered for children who have choked on pills or suffocated while blowing balloons. Through an experimental study conducted by Raguž and another doctor

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