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Darden: Launchpad for Success in Physical Activities Industry

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Turning a Pickleball Hobby into a Successful Business: How Darden is Supporting Their Next Steps

Jamison and Collins, two successful entrepreneurs who have found success in the physical activities industry, have credited Darden with providing them with the resources they needed to achieve their goals. The institution’s reputation for helping individuals launch and grow businesses has made it a popular choice among aspiring entrepreneurs. Jamison chose Darden due to its exceptional curriculum and supportive network, which includes mentorship from professors like Jim Zuffoletti. Collins echoes Jamison’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of networking and relationships in the venture capital industry. Looking forward, both entrepreneurs are eager to gain more insights at the upcoming Venture Capital Conference, where they hope to make fruitful connections that will help them secure capital for business growth.

By Samantha Jones

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