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Dark Chocolate: A Surprisingly Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift


Feb 12, 2024
Are Valentine’s Chocolates Healthy or Unhealthy? A Look at the Health and Fitness Aspects | Features

This Valentine’s Day, you may have received a box of chocolates as a gift. If you did, you might have indulged in some sweet treats. But is it true that chocolate is always bad for your health? While too much chocolate can be harmful, certain types of chocolate are actually linked to health benefits.

For chocolate lovers, hearing that their favorite treat might be good for them is great news. However, before diving into a pile of chocolate, it’s important to understand what kind of chocolate and what type of health benefits we’re talking about.

One aspect of chocolate that could benefit your health is that it comes from a plant – the cacao tree. Like fruits and vegetables, chocolate contains phytochemicals, which are compounds derived from plants and have numerous health benefits.

Chocolate contains antioxidant flavonoids, which affect the body’s physiological systems in various ways. These flavonoids are also found in many other foods and beverages like fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, and wine. Some of the benefits associated with these flavonoids include improved blood clotting and reduced inflammation, which can lower the risk of heart attack and stroke, regulate insulin levels, and reduce stress.

Cocoa is one of the main components of the chocolate we eat and contains these beneficial flavonoids. Dark chocolate is richer in these compounds compared to milk chocolate because it contains more cocoa. For example, dark chocolate may contain 70% cocoa while milk chocolate contains around 25%. Additionally, dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate which gives it a bitter flavor but also makes it more beneficial to our health. It’s important to note that not all dark chocolates contain less sugar than milk chocolates so make sure to check the label before purchasing or eating any dark chocolates.

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