• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Despite building construction, Taylorsville restaurant remains open for business.


Sep 18, 2023
Despite building construction, Taylorsville restaurant remains open for business.

Siragusa’s Italian Cuisine, a local Italian restaurant located in Taylorsville, Utah, is facing challenges as ongoing construction on the building they’re a part of is driving customers away. Despite the difficulties, Siragusa’s has been serving delicious Sicilian and Chicago-inspired recipes for thirteen years and has developed a strong connection with the community that they are determined to maintain.

Inside the restaurant, customers like Antonio Lobato enjoy their dining experience and praise the staff for their excellent service. However, stepping outside the restaurant presents a different picture. The enticing aromas of pizza and parmesan are replaced by the sight of dust and plywood due to the construction happening on the front of the building. As a result, new customers have found it difficult to determine if the restaurant is even open, causing a decline in sales.

In an effort to rally support, Siragusa’s took to Facebook to express their concern about the potential closure of the restaurant. Fortunately, the response from the community has been heartwarming, with customers reaching out and reassuring the staff that they will continue to support the business. Despite the challenges they face, the restaurant remains optimistic and determined to survive the construction period.

Already, in the past few days, the restaurant has noticed a positive change, potentially due to the increased support from the community. The staff hopes that this support will continue until the construction is completed, which is expected to be several months from now. While the external appearance of the building may not be enticing, Siragusa’s takes pride in their warm and inviting interior, which has played a significant role in attracting customers and encouraging repeat visits.

In conclusion, Siragusa’s Italian Cuisine is facing difficulties due to ongoing construction on the building. However, with the support of their loyal customers and the community, the restaurant remains committed to serving delicious food and maintaining their strong connection with the community throughout this challenging period.

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