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Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024 Set to Host Unforgettable Experience with Technology Partner, M-Cube

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
M-Cube Announced as Technology Partner for Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024

The Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024 is set to take place in Munich on 22-23 May. M-Cube, the in-store digital entertainment provider, has been announced as the Technology Partner for the event. During the two-day summit, M-Cube will be responsible for creating customized content to guide attendees throughout their visit.

Mike Blackman, Managing Director at Integrated Systems Europe, emphasized the importance of selecting a technology partner that specializes in content creation for digital signage. He expressed confidence that M-Cube will deliver a powerful and engaging experience for the digital signage community at the summit.

President of M-Cube, Manlio Romanelli, shared his excitement about creating unique visuals for the summit. He expressed enthusiasm for exploring the advancements in digital signage during the event. All content has been specially designed by M-Cube for the 2024 Digital Signage Summit. This includes graphics and animations on screens located around the venue to welcome guests, provide directions and promote timetables to help attendees navigate the event smoothly.

For more information about M-Cube and their role as technology partner at Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024 visit their website.

By Samantha Jones

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