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Dubai Airport: Overcoming Challenges and Ensuring Safety amidst Unprecedented Rain

BySamantha Jones

Apr 20, 2024
Dubai Airports Operations Head Tells Al-Khaleej: Full Return to Normalcy Expected Within 24 Hours

Dubai Airports’ Chief Operating Officer, Majid Al-Joker, is optimistic that Dubai International Airport will return to normal operations within 24 hours. He stated that the measures taken were aimed at preserving the safety of travelers and work crews. The airport began resuming services on Thursday morning, with domestic travelers being received and departures being registered after a temporary halt due to an air depression on transportation.

Al-Joker explained that the airport systems were not affected by the unprecedented rain, and water accumulations were quickly addressed. He noted that only the Taxiway experienced some water accumulation due to record-breaking rain levels. Flights were adjusted, postponed, canceled, and diverted to ensure passenger safety and operational clarity.

Operations at Dubai International Airport are gradually returning to normal, with Terminals 1, 2, and 3 resuming their services. Al-Joker noted a significant increase in passenger traffic, especially in Terminal 3, and expected operations to fully normalize within 24 hours. Despite delays, passengers transiting through the airport continued their flights almost normally.

Al-Joker emphasized the importance of cooperation between airport teams, airlines, and service providers in overcoming challenges and ensuring traveler safety. He mentioned that flights were postponed due to the airport’s capacity limitations under exceptional circumstances. Al-Joker urged travelers to follow flight schedules closely and assured that planned flights were on schedule.

Dubai International Airport is quickly recovering from the weather-related disruptions with measures in place to prioritize safety and operational efficiency. As services return to normal, passengers can expect a smooth travel experience within the next 24 hours.

By Samantha Jones

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