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DWAC-TMTG Merger: A New Force in Digital Media with Donald Trump at the Helm

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Trump Media and Technology Group granted Nasdaq listing for multi-billion dollar wager on potential second Trump presidency

The approval of the merger between Digital World Acquisition (DWAC) and Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) has marked an important step in the process, creating a new force in the digital media landscape. This merger is highly anticipated due to its unique combination of technology and politics, with TMTG being responsible for Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform.

The combined company will be traded under the ticker symbol DJT as early as this week, valuing TMTG at an enterprise value of approximately $1.1 billion at a transaction price of $10. Despite the negative trend for de-SPACs, with mergers averaging a -59% return over the past year, DWAC’s stock has surged by 111% year-to-date and closed at $36.94 on Friday, well above the pre-merger offer price.

This merger is seen as a bet on Trump potentially winning the US presidency in November 2024. However, investors are keeping a close eye on the developments following the merger as they assess its potential impact on the market and broader political landscape. Trump’s involvement in the venture adds a layer of complexity and interest to the deal, making it a highly anticipated event in the world of SPACs and digital media.

By Samantha Jones

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