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ESPN’s Tim Pernetti: The Latest Non-Traditional Commissioner Candidate in College Sports

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Sources say AAC considering Tim Pernetti as next commissioner with sports background

The American Athletic Conference (AAC) is reportedly in talks to hire Tim Pernetti as their next commissioner, according to sources at ESPN. Pernetti, who currently serves as the president of IMG Academy, has a wealth of experience in college sports and television.

Pernetti previously served as the athletic director at Rutgers and brings valuable experience from his time as the Chief Business officer for New York City FC in Major League Soccer (MLS). He also worked at CSTV, the College Sports Television Network, and various positions at ABC sports and ABC Enhanced TV early in his career.

Despite a setback involving a basketball coach abuse scandal at Rutgers that led to his resignation, Pernetti has continued to excel in the industry with his diverse background in television, college sports, and on-campus experience. His appointment comes at a crucial time for the AAC as they have recently added several new teams to the conference.

The AAC currently has a television contract with ESPN that will last until the 2031-32 academic year. Pernetti’s early career included working at CSTV, ABC sports, ABC Enhanced TV, making him a valuable candidate for the commissioner role. The trend of non-traditional hires in the commissioner space is growing with Pernetti being one of the latest examples of this shift.

By Samantha Jones

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