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EU Commission to Release Decision on Lufthansa-Ita Merger in Weeks to Come: Implications for Low-Cost Carriers and European Competition

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Ita and Lufthansa’s marriage hangs in the balance in Brussels

It appears that the EU Commission is set to release new information on the purchase of Ita by Lufthansa in the near future, possibly early next week. This news comes after an EU antitrust investigation into the merger began on 23 January and will conclude on 6 June. As a result of this investigation, there have been discussions about potential objections raised by community institutions, particularly with regards to concerns over a possible monopoly position that could be created as a result of the merger.

One major concern is that low-cost carriers may be impacted if Lufthansa and Ita are allowed to merge. Ryanair’s CEO has proposed that 30% of slots at Fiumicino should be renounced and distributed among other carriers in order to ensure fair competition. This proposal highlights the need for continued negotiations and discussions surrounding the potential merger, with various stakeholders closely monitoring the situation as they wait for the EU Commission’s decision.

The agreement between Italy’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (Mef) and Lufthansa for the sale of a 41% stake in Ita dates back almost a year. The Mef has expressed frustration with the length of the operation and has urged the EU to approve the merger in order to create a strong European champion in

By Samantha Jones

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