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Eurozone Economy Forecasted to Grow in 2024, Despite Challenges in Some Countries

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Eurozone Economy Expected to Improve in 2024

The eurozone economy is forecasted to experience positive growth in 2024, according to new projections from the European Commission. Despite Germany’s mild recession last year, it is expected to remain stagnant in 2024, while France’s economy will likely remain subdued. However, economies in the southern region, such as Portugal, Spain, and Greece, are predicted to see stronger growth rates.

The European Commission notes that economic convergence within the EU has progressed further than ever before. Countries like Portugal, Spain and Greece are expected to grow by 1.7%, 2.1% and 2.2% respectively in 2024. Inflation is expected to fall over the next couple of years, with a projected decline from 5.4% in 2023 to 2.5% this year and 2.1% next year.

Paolo Gentiloni, the commissioner for the economy stated that signs of improvement were seen in the first quarter of the year indicating a turnaround after a challenging 2023 . He anticipates a gradual acceleration in growth as private consumption is supported by declining inflation, recovering purchasing power and continued employment growth.

The European Central Bank may cut interest rates as a response to progress on inflation control . The ECB stated that it would consider reducing monetary policy restrictions if evidence showed that inflation was falling to target levels . Overall, despite challenges faced by some countries like Germany , the outlook for the eurozone economy in 2024 remains positive with strong growth from economies in southern region offsetting stagnation in Germany

By Samantha Jones

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