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Exclusive Content and Economic Analysis: Financial Times Offers Free Schools Access Program


Feb 11, 2024
The US economy continues to outpace Europe: What’s behind the growth?

Financial Times Offers Free Schools Access Program with Exclusive Content

The Financial Times (FT) is providing free access to its content for students in the United States through its free schools access program. As part of this program, teachers can read the FT’s weekly newsletter featuring Roula Khalaf, Editor of the FT, selecting her favorite stories. The article picked by a teacher includes suggested questions on topics such as the IMF’s growth forecasts for 2024, economic divergence between the US and Europe, and the impact of the invasion of Ukraine on both regions. Additionally, questions are posed about structural advantages of the US over Europe in industry and technology, finance accessibility in the US and its effect on economic growth, demographic trends and labor market dynamics, and fiscal challenges faced by the US that could threaten its economic growth.

Economic research is also encouraged as students are instructed to visit the World Bank’s website to compare historical rates of GDP per capita for the Euro Area and the United States. This includes identifying current GDP per capita for both regions as well as analyzing growth rates between them from 2008 to present. Finally, students are recommended to explore a country in the Euro area with lowest GDP per capita in 2022 and compare it to US’s GDP per capita in same year. For classroom-ready presentations and suggested answers for teachers, FEE FT Classroom Edition is recommended.

Unlocking this unique opportunity allows students to gain valuable insights into global economics while also providing an opportunity to explore specific issues affecting their region. Through this program, they can expand their knowledge base and gain a better understanding of key economic indicators affecting their own communities.

This program also provides teachers with access to exclusive content that can be used in classroom discussions or presentations. Teachers can use these resources to engage their students in critical thinking exercises or debates on important economic issues affecting their region.

Overall, this free schools access program offers a valuable resource for both students and teachers who want to learn more about global economics while gaining insights into specific issues affecting their region.

Students interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should visit FEE FT Classroom Edition website where they can find details about registration process along with full range of US High School economics picks article by clicking here: [insert link].

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