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Experimenting with a Four-Day Workweek: Denmark’s Progressive Move Towards Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Copenhagen tests out four-day working week with number of applicants doubling

The experiment of implementing a four-day workweek is gaining popularity in Denmark, with 14 workplaces in Copenhagen participating in the trial. The manager of Radisevej dormitory, which provides mental health services, believes that this new schedule is here to stay. Employees will work four one-day shifts followed by three days off, totaling 37 working hours a week, but with longer days than before.

The Danish parliament approved the experiment on flexible working weeks in 2023, proposed by the Alternativet party Christian Jakobsen. The trial, running until the end of the year, began on April 1 in workplaces across Copenhagen. After the trial, workplaces will evaluate whether to permanently adopt the four-day workweek.

This is not the first experiment of its kind in Denmark, with previous trials in municipalities like Esbjerg, Vejen, and Odsherred. Labor market researcher Janne Gleerup mentioned that similar experiments have been conducted in the business world for some time, but now public sector workplaces are also embracing this change.

Among the participating workplaces in Copenhagen is Radisevej dormitory’s unit director Jonas Ammitzbøll who has seen positive effects on recruitment and hopes for a better balance between work and free time after reorganizing to accommodate the shift in hours.

The trend of adapting to a more flexible work schedule is not limited to Denmark as Finland’s central trade union organization SAK has proposed an experiment with shortened working hours. Reports from a British experiment on a four-day workweek showed improvements in physical and psychological health for participants leading to reduced stress levels and other benefits.

Overall, transitioning to a four-day workweek is an ongoing experiment with potential benefits for both employees and employers aligning with societal changes towards greater flexibility and work-life balance.

By Samantha Jones

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