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Exploring Medical Careers Through Education: UW-Eau Claire Collaborates with Mayo Clinic Health System


Feb 13, 2024
New Medical Academy Program launched by UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System

In collaboration with Mayo Clinic Health System, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UW-EC) is launching a new program that educates people about the medical field. The innovative program is open to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including high school and college students, working adults, and retirees.

Dr. Timothy Young from Mayo Clinic Health System highlighted the inclusivity of the program, emphasizing that all are welcome to participate. The program will take place over six consecutive Mondays at UW-EC, with each week focusing on a different topic related to medical education. Interactive activities are designed to provide participants with a realistic glimpse into the medical field and help them determine if pursuing a career in medicine is the right path for them.

Dr. Young emphasized that no prior medical knowledge is assumed for participants. The program will start with basic concepts and gradually build on them to provide a comprehensive understanding of the medical field. Participants can gain valuable insights and learn about the inner workings of the human body throughout the program.

Dr. Julie Anderson, Director of UW-EC’s Health Careers Center, expressed excitement about the program and the opportunities it will offer to students. Through this collaboration with Mayo Clinic Health System, students have access to job shadowing opportunities and research projects related to medicine. Additionally, students can participate in academic programs such as this one as part of their pre-medical studies, gaining valuable experience in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

The program is set to begin on April 1st, and more information on registration will be available on the program’s website. Overall, this collaboration between UW-EC and Mayo Clinic Health System aims to provide an enriching and educational experience for individuals interested in exploring their interests in the medical field.

In conclusion, UW-Eau Claire has teamed up with Mayo Clinic Health System to create an innovative medical education program that caters to individuals from various backgrounds. With its comprehensive curriculum and interactive activities aimed at providing a realistic glimpse into medical education, this six-week long initiative promises to be an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in medicine or simply seeking a deeper understanding of human health.

The collaboration between these two reputable institutions underscores their commitment towards providing high quality education that transcends traditional boundaries of learning institutions while creating new avenues for growth within themselves. As Dr Young put it: “We’re excited about this partnership because it allows us to reach out beyond our own borders and help others discover their passions.”

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