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Facebook Post Leads to Fine for Insulting Judge: Germany’s Battle Over Freedom of Speech

BySamantha Jones

May 15, 2024
Ex-judge fined after insulting Robert Habeck as a “complete idiot”

In Reutlingen, a former judge named Werner Heinrich was fined in district court for publishing insulting lyrics about economics minister Robert Habeck on Facebook. The post referred to Habeck as an idiot and compared him to dog poop, telling him to “fuck off.”

Heinrich argued that his actions were an exercise of free speech, and criticized the Greens for restricting this right. However, the public prosecutor argued that the post crossed the line into malicious contempt and made it more difficult for Habeck to perform his public duties.

The court agreed with the prosecutor and fined Heinrich 7,800 euros for insults directed at a person in political life. The court also considered another post equating foreigners with “scum,” although Heinrich denied writing it. He plans to appeal the decision.

In its ruling, the court emphasized that in political discussions, there are limits to what can be expressed and that insults and foul language have no place in public discourse. This case serves as a reminder that freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly and with consideration for the impact of one’s words.

By Samantha Jones

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