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Facial recognition technology promises to make Opening Day entry smoother for Astros fans, but with potential issues and concerns, is it the solution?

BySamantha Jones

Mar 25, 2024
Astros fans should anticipate shorter wait times and potential challenges with new ticketing technology

The Houston Astros concluded their spring training on Sunday, marking the end of the preseason and the start of the 2024 season. On Thursday, they will face the Yankees on Opening Day, with high demand for tickets expected to draw large crowds. However, a new program may offer a way around the long lines.

In Philadelphia last year, a pilot program was launched to test out using facial recognition software to connect a fan’s face with their purchased tickets. This technology has now been expanded to Astros’ home games starting in 2024. Fans who opt in using the MLB Ballpark App can go through the “Go-Ahead Entry” line, where scanners will recognize their face and allow them entry if they have purchased tickets to the game.

While this new system offers convenience, there are potential issues with facial recognition technology. It is not foolproof and may not be using top-of-the-line scanners. The Astros’ preparedness for any technological glitches will determine the success of the new system. If they can handle any potential hiccups and pivot to traditional ticketing options if needed, it will likely run smoothly. However, if there are frequent glitches or unpreparedness, it could become more of a nuisance than a convenience for fans.

The use of facial recognition technology at sports events has gained popularity in recent years as a way to speed up entry and reduce wait times for ticket scanning and tracking purposes. While this technology offers many benefits, it is important for teams to ensure that they are prepared for any potential issues that may arise.

With Opening Day just around the corner, fans eagerly awaited news about how they would enter Minute Maid Park on Thursday. The new Go-Ahead Entry system promises to make things smoother than ever before by allowing fans who opt-in using the MLB Ballpark App to simply scan their faces and enter without waiting in line.

However, as with any new technology, there are potential concerns about its effectiveness and reliability. While facial recognition software has proven useful in other settings such as border control and law enforcement operations, some experts warn that it is not foolproof and may produce false positives or false negatives.

Despite these concerns, many sports teams have already begun implementing facial recognition technology at their stadiums in an effort to improve security measures while also offering faster and more convenient access for fans.

For example, last year in Philadelphia saw a successful pilot program that tested out using facial recognition software at Citizens Bank Park during Phillies games. This system allowed fans to quickly scan their faces instead of waiting in line for attendants to scan QR codes or manually track each person in a party.

Now that this successful pilot program has expanded to include all Astros home games starting from 2024 onwards; fans can expect even smoother entry processes at Minute Maid Park on opening day.

However, like with all new technologies there are always risks involved when implementing such systems especially when dealing with large crowds such as those during major sporting events like opening day at Minute Maid park.

By Samantha Jones

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