• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Finnish Firms Face Billions in Losses as European Parliament Debates Contentious Regulation


Nov 20, 2023

The European Parliament will vote on a packaging waste regulation aimed at reducing waste and overpackaging, and increasing reuse. With more than 500 amendment proposals on the table, MEPs anticipate a complicated and challenging vote.

The Finnish government has expressed concerns about the potential negative impact of reducing packaging on food waste and safety. The final shape of the law will be determined through negotiations between the EU Commission, Parliament, and Council of member states. In October, the environment committee of the European Parliament voted in favor of at least 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages being offered in reusable packaging by 2030.

However, concerns have been raised by the food and brewing industries in Finland regarding increased costs and negative environmental impacts resulting from reuse goals. MEPs have criticized the Commission’s proposal for not adequately considering life cycle thinking and potentially leading to unsustainable practices.

The majority of members of the European Parliament’s environment committee supported the proposal to offer at least 20 percent of non-alcoholic beverages in reusable packaging by 2030 in an effort to reduce packaging waste. However, there are ongoing discussions about potential costs and environmental impacts on the food and brewing industries.

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