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Flying First Class: Luxurious Tips for the Uninitiated in Premium Cabins

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Etiquette Tips for First-Timers Flying First and Business Class

Travel journalist Gilbert Ott offers expert advice for first-time flyers in premium cabins. According to Ott, the key to a luxurious flight experience is indulgence in first class and comfort in business class. He advises passengers not to ask about freebies and to respect others’ privacy, especially those in private seats with doors.

Flying in a premium cabin can be an expensive experience, but credit card and airline rewards programs have made it more accessible to those who accumulate points and miles. Ott offers practical tips for blending in with seasoned first-class travelers and having a positive flying experience, from airport lounge etiquette to TSA PreCheck procedures.

While business class provides a more efficient and less personalized experience, Ott explains that it is ideal for those seeking a comfortable seat for sleeping and working. However, he emphasizes that first class is where passengers can truly expect an extraordinary experience tailored to their needs, making it worth the added cost for those seeking luxurious accommodations during their flight.

By Samantha Jones

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