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Fossil Discovery Sheds Light on Early Amphibian Evolution: Kermitops gratus, the Iconic Muppet Character named After a Recently Unearthed Fossil

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Ancient Amphibian Ancestor Named After Iconic Muppet Kermit

A recently discovered amphibian ancestor has been christened Kermitops gratus, after the iconic Muppet character Kermit the Frog. This proto-amphibian lived 270 million years ago and boasted a skull that was just over an inch long. It was unearthed in Texas by paleontologist Nicholas Hotton III and later classified as a temnospondyl, a type of precursor to modern amphibians that existed for over 200 million years.

In 2021, postdoctoral paleontologist Arjan Mann rediscovered Hotton’s skull and was struck by its almost complete preservation. Despite some damage to the palate and braincase, the skull still showcased intricate details such as the arrangement of palpebral ossicles, the tiny bones in an animal’s eyelids. This level of detail in the fossil adds to its uniqueness and provides researchers with valuable insights into the ancient amphibian’s anatomy.

Calvin So, a doctoral student at George Washington University and lead author on the study, emphasized the importance of using Kermit’s name for the fossil. He argued that it could help bridge the gap between science and public perception by making it more accessible and engaging for everyone. This discovery of Kermitops gratus offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of amphibians and sheds light on the unique features of ancient creatures like this one named after a beloved Muppet character.

Overall, this find is significant because it provides researchers with new information about how early amphibians looked and functioned. It also serves as a reminder that even small creatures can make big contributions to our understanding of biology and evolution.

By Samantha Jones

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