• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Four Arrested, Candidates in Danger during Argentine Runoff Elections


Nov 20, 2023

As the runoff election for the Argentine presidency approaches, candidate Sergio Massa and his family have been targeted by threats. Five individuals are suspected of making the threats, and three men and a woman were arrested. A teenager was also arrested in Salta for threatening to kill the 17-year-old son of presidential candidate Massa on Instagram.

The election campaign has been contentious, with Massa running against ultra-liberal populist Javier Milei in a tight race. Milei describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist and has been criticized for his populist slogans. His opponents accused him of advocating for a “dictatorship” and accompanied their protests with slogans.

Meanwhile, the threats against Massa and his family have led to legal investigations and personal protection orders. The aggression of the election campaign has also disrupted other events, such as an opera performance where Milei was booed by part of the audience. This incident highlights the heated nature of the political climate in Argentina, which has been marked by disruptions and confrontations.

In related news, there are numerous links to criminal attorney directories scattered throughout the article’s content, raising questions about potential involvement in criminal activities related to the threats against Massa and his family. As tensions continue to rise ahead of the election, it remains to be seen how these developments will impact the outcome of this closely watched contest between two very different candidates.

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